My name is Brian Whalen.  I am a business education teacher, teaching Consumer Education, Investment Strategies and Business Law.  This is my first attempt at blogging for educational purposes.  I hope you enjoy what you read.

What is whalen.biz?

I’m too busy.  I teach, I coach, I parent, I husbanded, I create new words.  I don’t have time to start blogging.  I have tried before and lasted all of 2 months of a football season.

So why am I going to start blogging now?  Well:

  1. It’s 2015(now 2016) and everyone is doing it.
  2. I feel the experiences in my classroom are unique and worth documenting.
  3. I’m looking to connect with other educators to share ideas and get feedback.

More About Me

As previously stated, I teach Business Education at Glenbrook High School District #225.  If you could summarize what I want students to experience in my classroom, it would be authenticity.  The nature of these courses lends them to be very personal and focused toward the future.  I hope all students leave my classroom with an increased ability to think, try, reflect, fail and repeat.

Even More

I have a degree in Business Administration from THE Ball State University.  I also have a Masters in Secondary Education from National Louis University and a Masters in Educational Leadership from Concordia University.  I have coached both football and basketball at the high school levels for 12 years.

More Still

If you see anything on here that interests you or have any questions, I would welcome an open dialogue.  Please send an email to bwhale70@gmail.com.

No More…